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I´m back with a new update !

Hello Ladies, :)

I know it has been a while since my last update but I was ill and had a few doctors dates. I hope I didn´t let you wait to long for new goodies.

So whats this set about ?

Have you ever wished that dragons are real ? Wait a moment ! Why wish! They are real ! Through a walk in the forrest I have discovered a magical place there with little fairy and dragons living together there as friends. There are secret dragon caves and fairy castles. Near there gem stones are growing out where the fairys and dragons get ther magical power from. And with every person which believes in dragons and fairys one new of them gets born! See yourself in this set why you should not stop believe in them ! :)

 Katja- Berliner Bärin


If you order in my shop you recieve a download link to straight download your set. If you use the paypal buy now button here its more simple for you to order but I need to send out the set by mail. So please allow 24 hours to response. Thank you  :o)


Violett Fairy- Enchanted Forrest- Lines- Limited

9 Euro


Violett Fairy- Enchanted Forrest- Tubes- Limited

9 Euro


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